A video series about food, chefs and nature!

Food tastes better when it's enjoyed outside !! Come join us as we discover what our local professional chefs can create in the biggest venue on the planet... the great outdoors!

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Episode 4 - Reschs Pilsener Steak Sauce with Alistair Flower

Alistair Flower, an award winning publican, takes us on a journey through the country town of Wauchope NSW. He shows us his take on a Reschs beer steak sauce and there's no better way to enjoy it than around an open fire.

Episode 1 - with matt conway from the burger rebellion

Hastings River Fish Tacos

Have you ever wanted an impressive but easy to make picnic or BBQ recipe for a large group of people? Do you want to do with as little plates or cutlery as possible to keep things simple?
Well in this episode Matt Conway shows us his version of and easy to do Fish Tacos recipe that can be prepared ahead of time or fun to prepare right on the picnic table.

Matt Conway is the owner and chef at Port Macquarie's the Burger Rebellion, famous for its gourmet burgers paired with craft beer, and recently voted in the top 10 burger joints in Australia by Trip Advisor.

And the venue in this episode is Settlement Point in Port Macquarie. It's only a 5-minute drive from Port Macquarie's CBD. Using local Hastings River Whiting fillets and the free local community BBQ's, Matt cooks us up some amazing flavours.

Episode 2 - with steve delandemare from the little fish cafe

Seared scallops and Beurre Noisette

Just because you're adventuring in the great outdoors doesn't mean you can't have a gourmet, french inspired meal!

In this episode, Steve Delandemare from The Little Fish Cafe shows us how easy it is to create a restaurant quality dish using only a few camping tools that you probably already have!

Steve Delandemare is the owner and chef at Port Macquarie's The Little Fish Cafe. A traditional French style restaurant set amongst a stunning vineyard vista.

Episode 2 of OTK takes Steve and Andrew to some of Port Macquarie most iconic tourist spots and find their own piece of paradise on a remote beach to cook up something special.

Episode 3 - with pete cutcliffe from Bills fishhouse + bar

Fresh Snapper, Oysters and the Simplicity of a BBQ. Cooking outside has never been so delicious!

Now this recipe can be adapted in so many ways but Pete's version of Fish In A Bag is packed with flavour!

Pete Cutcliffe is the owner and chef at Bill's Fishhouse + Bar in Port Macquarie. This modern seafood eatery exemplifies the concept of Sea to Plate.

Today's venue is the magnificent Camden Haven Inlet, located near the base of North Brother mountain. This waterway is flourishing with fishwife and offers some of the most stunning scenery in the region.

A perfect backdrop for our next food adventure.

If you want to be blown away by stunning scenery and learn an inspiring easy dish from a seafood master then check out episode 3 of OTK.