Do you want your business to tap into the $1.4 billion a year spend that the Mid North Coast experiences?

Is your ideal customer someone who is adventurous and willing to spend money on new and exciting things? Someone who will shop, ride or dine mid-week and who is not bound by a time schedule? Someone who is seeking inspiration and is excited to buy rather than just look? If the answer is yes, then we can help you attract these customers. A tourist (as much as we might like to keep our little piece of paradise to ourselves) can be an ideal customer, and with more than $1.4 billion being spent in our region each year, it's not something that any business should ignore.

The concept of discover is based on a simple premise - that visitors are not only open to ideas on what to do and see whilst on holidays, they actively seek inspiration. We offer visitors that inspiration and turn it in to connections with our partnered businesses. We offer visitors multiple free mediums such as our print magazine which is found in nearly every type of accomodation including bed and breakfasts and even residential households. Also online, with and our growing social media community on Facebook and Instagram.

Don't get missed when tourist season is on...get your business discovered!

Contact us now to book a time where we can tailor a package that is suited to your business.

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