Mekong Restaurant, On the River

Imagine you’re looking out over the Mekong River in NE Thailand with the misty mountains of Laos looming as dark shadows in the background. The aromas floating from the open kitchen continue this journey. The fresh taste of the traditional Thai-Lao cuisine says something very clearly; ‘you have arrived’. Sourcing fresh ingredients is essential when creating dishes if they are to have authenticity. The Mekong’s first priority is sourcing the best local produce such as whole snapper, prawns, fish, oysters and crabs and that is just the seafood. The menu is wide and varied to suit a range of tastes for those who like it hot and spicy or just fresh and flavorsome. Are you ready for a real taste sensation journey?
Address: 75 Clarence Street, Port Macquarie
Phone: 02 6583 8001